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Trade CFDs On Commondities

Invest in the world's most popular assets

From established industries to booming new age up-and-comers — pick from over a dozen of different routes to a smart investment. Sometimes investing can be complicated and confusing Apafxtrade breaks down the complexities of investing with intuitive tools that add efficiency and simplicity.

Find new opportunities in the global commodities markets with Apafxtrade, trade oil and other CFDs online as a more flexible way to invest and diversify your portfolio.


Trading CFDs on commodities is a more convenient way to access the commodities markets than purchasing the product outright. The prices of oil and other energy products fluctuate according to a huge number of factors, including demand, supply and general confidence in the global economy. With Apafxtrade you can trade CFDs on:

  • UK Brent oil (spot)
  • US crude oil (spot)
  • US natural gas (spot)

Why Trade Commodities with Apafxtrade

  • Commission FREE Trading

    Apafxtrade offers commodity trading without fees or commissions

  • Trade with Leverage

    Take Advantage of Generous Leverage(up to 1000:1) and trade your favorite commodities

  • Vast Variety of Products

    Trade multiple commodities such as precious metals (Gold & Silver), agriculture (Corn & Sugar), and Crude Oil

  • 24 Hour Dealing Desk Support

    Receive ’round-the-clock access to Apafxtrade’s superior dealing desk

Commodities are traded in units:

  • Oil is traded in barrels (bbl)
  • Wheat is traded in bushels (bu)
  • Coffee is traded in pounds (lb)

All units are set to a standardized quantity known as a “lot”. A lot represents the minimum quantity which can be traded in any given instrument.

Note: We don’t charge any commission or swap on commodities.